Happy Teddy Day Shayari in Hindi, English 2019, Teddy Bear Day Status in English English for GirlFriend/Boyfriend

Happy Teddy Day Status

Happy Teddy Bear Day Shayari: Love is not confined to boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. It is a feeling which can be showered to friends and family members also. All the relationship can be given as new identification by love. It is the feeling which rules whole of the world. So many people consider it to be the sole aim of life. Valentine week is celebrated to welcome the feelings of love and it comes in the month of February. The fourth day of valentine week which is celebrated in the honour of our cute and lovely friends, love and family members is teddy day. On this day, a teddy bear is given to our loved ones who are connected to us for their cuteness. The love towards our friends, family member or lover cannot be ended if we give teddy bear along with happy teddy day shayari to him or her. Happy teddy day Status is most probably given to our girlfriend or boyfriend.

Happy Teddy Day Shayari
Happy Teddy Day Shayari

Happy Teddy Day Shayari

Shayaris are the part of happy teddy day status of Whatsapp and Facebook. Shayaris entailed in happy teddy day Shayari in Hindi of Whatsapp and Facebook if given to our soulmate then it touches his or her heart. The soul of our love merged into our soul through these shayaris. These shayaris are helpful to make our friend to be a part of our family. On teddy day, a large number of shayaris entailed in teddy day status of Whatsapp and Facebook are transferred at different locations in this Valentine Day 2019. The cuteness of our friend, family member or lover is beautifully reflected in these shayaris. These shayaris are stored in a frame. When we get isolated from our partner then we see the teddy bear given by him or her and read these shayaris to memorize him or her. These Happy Teddy Bear Day shayari is the first step of first love. We can get connected to our love, friends or family members through these shayaris.

“Dil hain ajib, kya chupaye ap se,
jabhi koi teddy dekhta hain,
apke yaad mein yeh dil muskurane lagta hain.
Happy Teddy Day 2019

Happy Teddy Bear Day Shayari
Happy Teddy Bear Day Shayari

“चॉकलेट की खुशबू,
आइसक्रीम की मिठास,
प्यार की मस्ती
और हाथों का स्वाद
हसी के गुब्बारे और तुम्हारा साथ,
मुबारक हो आपको टेडी डे का त्यौहार !”

“A friendship teddy for you,
This teddy is a symbol of our Friendship
how important you to me, May your days always be,
Blessed with happiness and Love, Happy Teddy Day”

Valentine Day Shayari

Teddy Day Shayari in Hindi
Teddy Day Shayari in Hindi

Teddy Bear Day Status 2019 in Hindi for GirlFriend/Boyfriend

The language which is preferred and appreciated by all the people of India is Hindi. Each and every person in India is comfortable to do each and every task by using the language of Hindi. In India, it is a tradition to give the teddy bear to our cute relation along with happy teddy day shayari in Hindi on teddy day. The warm feelings of our cute love are reflected in happy teddy day Status in Hindi. This shayari is presented to our friend or love by writing it on the colourful and decorated paper. This shayari gives life to the occasion of teddy day.

“Usne khawaish ki rone ki,To dekho barsaat aa gayi.
Hamari tamanna thi unhe teddy deker manane ki
Lo teddy ki h!i raat aa gayi
…… Happy Teddy Bear Day 2019………..”

Taddy Bear Day Status
Taddy Bear Day Status

“Teddy?Teddy… पास तो आओ…
हमको उनका ऐहसास कराओ…
Miss you… ? Love you… ❤️
Happy Teddy ?Bear Day…”

Happy Valentine Day Wallpaper

“Mere Teddy K0 Bhut Sambhal Ke Rakhna….
Ye Aapse Bhut Pyaar Karta Hai…
Hum H0te Hai Jab Jab Apse Dur…
T0 Yahi Aapke Sath H0ta Hai…..!!!”

Teddy Bear Day Shayari in Hindi
Teddy Bear Day Shayari in Hindi

Happy Teddy Day Shayari in English for Girlfriend/Boyfriend

The whole world functions by using the language of English and make wishes for Happy Teddy Bear Day. We can communicate with other countries of the world by using this language. If our friend or love is living in the country other than India then, we can communicate him or her on teddy day by giving him or her the teddy bear along with Happy teddy Bear Day Status in English. Happy teddy day shayari in English is helpful in impressing our girlfriend or boyfriend.

“Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love.
I m ur Teddy with a big heart. To my cutest cuddly wife
Who is certainly my life This teddy bear is a sign
That you will be forever mine Happy teddy bear day”

Happy Teddy Day Status
Happy Teddy Day Status

Valentine Day Images

“I’m sending you a Teddy Bear ..
So ..
Love It!!!
Kiss It!!!
Hug It!!!
keep that Teddy Carefully
Coz. Teddy has my heart
Happy Teddy Day Sweet-Heart”

“उन्हें ख्वाइश कि रोने की, तो देखो बरसात आ गयी,
हमारी तमन्ना थी उन्हें Teddy ?देकर मनाने की….
लो Teddy ? की वो रात आ गयी…
Happy Teddy Bear Day…?”

Happy Teddy Day Shayari in English
Happy Teddy Day Shayari in English

Happy Teddy Bear Day Shayari in English

Thus, we should celebrate teddy day not only by giving teddy bear but also by giving happy teddy day shayari 2019. So many beautiful images are attached with happy teddy Bear day shayari 2019. Happy teddy day shayari 2019 is the significant part of the celebration of teddy day.

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