Valentine’s Day 2019, Best Wishes for Happy Valentine Day 2019 with Love

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

The day when the celebration of Valentine’s Day is carried out all over the world is 14th February. This festival is celebrated in the honour of romantic love. People express their love towards their partner by giving letters, cards, gifts and flowers. On this day romantic meal is arranged in a restaurant or hotel. Happy Valentine Day 2019 is the day on which we realise our love. It is the day when we reveal our feelings of love and care in front of our partner. It is the day which is much more suitable to propose our partner for being our girlfriend or boyfriend. The couples can make their bond of love stronger by celebrating this festival.Happy Valentine Day 2018

Valentine’s Day 2019

As we discussed earlier, cards, letters, gifts and flowers are the part of the celebration of this day. This festival becomes amazing and meaningful by arranging candle-light dinner to our partner. People celebrate this festival with the warm feelings of love for establishing the sweet romantic relationship in whole Valentine Week 2019. The cards which are given to the partner are supposed to be decorated with pictures of cupid, hearts and red roses. The gifts of Valentine’s Day generally include chocolates, flowers, champagne or sparkling wine and lingerie. Even the expensive gifts of jewellery are also the part of the celebration. Restaurants and hotels are specially booked for such a purpose. Although, Valentine’s Day 2019 is a festival that belongs to western culture and thus religious background of India get clashed with it but still in India, this festival is widely recognised. On this day people dressed beautifully and express their feelings and emotions for acknowledging their partner about their endless love. People are eager to celebrate Happy Valentine Day 2019. Valentine’s Day 2019 will be a great passion especially for youngsters.

Valentine’s Day 2018

Year Date Day of the Week
Valentine’s Day 2013 February 14, 2013 Thursday
Valentine’s Day 2014 February 14, 2014 Friday
Valentine’s Day 2015 February 14, 2015 Saturday
Valentine’s Day 2016 February 14, 2016 Sunday
Valentine’s Day 2017 February 14, 2017 Tuesday
Valentine’s Day 2018 February 14, 2018 Wednesday
Valentine’s Day 2019 February 14, 2019 Thursday
Valentine’s Day 2020 February 14, 2020 Friday
Valentine’s Day 2021 February 14, 2021 Sunday
Valentine’s Day 2022 February 14, 2022 Monday
Valentine’s Day 2023 February 14, 2023 Tuesday

Happy Valentine Day 2019

Neither public nor a private holiday is observed on Happy Valentine’s Day 2019. All schools, offices, public and government institutions and colleges are set to work during this festival. People who want to celebrate this festival used to take a personal holiday. As so many couples celebrate this occasion, so, there is heavy traffic on the roads of the cities. This festival follows the tradition to wish Happy Valentine’s Day by the people to their partner. We can show our eternal love by saying Happy Valentine Day to our partner.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 Significance Of Red Rose

On this day, so many youngsters propose their soulmate by giving red roses. Red rose is the symbol of love. Romance, love and passion are indicated by the color of red. If the Valentine’s Day 2019 is celebrated by having candle-light dinner then red roses make the evening of this day beautiful. Different types of bookeys of red roses are prepared for wishing Happy Valentine’s Day 2019. The real love will be realised by wishing Happy Valentine Day 2019 through red roses. Therefore, the red rose is the important part of the celebration.

Happy Valentines Day 2019
Happy Valentines Day 2019

Thus, Valentine’s Day is the festival which follows the western culture but it is also appreciated by Indians. If we love somebody then this festival is the best time to make our love happy and involve him or her as a part of our life.

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